The School of Business Administration (SBA) of SWUFE, one of the business schools with the longest history, best faculty, and largest scale in southwestern China, regards it an important mission to “integrate global management wisdom, innovate applied research based on local practice, and trains competitive financial and management talents so as to promote the prosperity and social progress in western China”, and strives to be a business school with high degree of internationalization, good academic reputation and great sense of social responsibility in western China.

The long history of SBA can be traced back to Factory Management Department set in 1952. In 1997, SBA was established thanks to the adjustment of departments in the university, consisting of Industrial Economy Department, Trade Economy Department, and the discipline of International Trade from International Economy Department. SBA did not only set up the first doctoral programs for Industrial Business (1987) and Business Management (1993) in China. It was also accredited as one of the first 30 universities and colleges qualified to set up the EMBA program in China by the State Council Academic Degrees Committee (2002) as well as the first school setting up the MBA program in southwestern China. Moreover, the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) program of SBA obtained the earliest (2003) primary discipline accreditation by the Ministry of Education in southwestern China.

SBA has a complete discipline setting and personnel training system, including BA, MA, and PhD degrees as well as postdoctoral research station. There are four majors for undergraduates, including Business Administration, Marketing, Tourism Management, and Logistic Management, eight majors for graduates and doctors, including Business Management, Marketing Management, Tourism Management, Logistic Management, Industrial Economics, Economics of Consumption, and Circulation Economics. SBA consists of four departments, eight research institutions, and several research centers, namely Risk Investment and Entrepreneurship Research Center, Sino-French Innovative Research Institution, Business Growth Research Institution, etc. SBA attaches great importance to the training of practical, inter-disciplinary, and top innovative talents with the help of the various reports and seminars delivered by renowned scholars at home and abroad, senior government officials and enterprise leaders. Graduates from SBA are in great demand for various financial institutions. large enterprises and public institutions.

Equipped with outstanding faculty, SBA was named the “National Excellent Teaching Team” of Business Administration by the Ministry of Education once, and the faculty of SBA is one of the most internationalized faculties in Southwest. The age structure and title structure of the faculty is very balanced and reasonable. With a high level of education, all the teachers and staffs are infused with the sense of mission and the spirit of serving the society. SBA has 82 full-time teachers, including 26 professors, 37 associate professors and 35 doctoral supervisors. Nearly 80 percent of them hold doctoral degrees, including 15 people holding doctoral degrees from the Warton School, University of Cambridge and other famous overseas universities. Many teachers are selected into Thousand Talents program by CPC's Organization Department, Changjiang Scholars program by the Ministry of Education, New Century Talents Project, and New Century Excellent Talents program. In recent years, our teachers have published 480 papers in Management Science, Social Sciences in China, Economic Research Journal and other authoritative academic journals, obtained 36 research topics funded by National Natural Science Foundation of China and National Philosophy and Social Science Foundation of China, won second prizes of National Teaching Achievements at three times and won 10 prizes of Provincial Teaching Achievements.

SBA has very frequent overseas exchanges. It has established several kinds of cooperative relations with 30 famous business schools in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia, including students-exchange, cooperative-degree and scholar-visit programs by mutual exemption of tuition and mutual recognition of credits. The partner schools include Said Business School of the University of Oxford, Alfred Lerner College of Business and Economics of the University of Delaware, the College of Business of Washington State University, etc. Meanwhile, SBA launched a multi-level international cooperative training mechanism with some famous international enterprises like Disney and Marriott. In 2007, SBA founded the Strategic Advisory Committee composed of more than 20 business leaders and deans of domestic and foreign business schools, including Patrick Harker, the former dean of the Wharton School and the current president of the University of Delaware. They proposed positive suggestions for the school's strategic development. The Sino-French Innovative Research Institution of SBA is the first Sino-French cooperative academic institution in western China. Thanks to the good reputation, SBA promoted the development Goldman Sachs “10,000 Women Initiative” in west China with the help of Goldman Sachs Group and the University of Oxford. SBA joined EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development) in 2010.