Southwestern University of Finance and Economics School of business and management is the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics has the longest history, culture is complete, running the largest, teachers strength strong, one of the most level.

From the initial industrial economic system since 50 years. Bachelor, master, doctor to post doctoral research station established the College of business administration; administration, marketing, tourism management, logistics management, 4 undergraduate professional; enterprise management, tourism management, human resource management, marketing, logistics management, industrial economics, consumer economics and circulation economics master, a total of 8 doctoral programs; the formation of the 8 research institute.

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics School of business and management has been committed to serving the society, make the resources effectively to promote the development of enterprises and society. Over the past 10 years, and make due efforts in corporate management training, consulting, enterprise employees for the same degree, in order to provide professional and further to the enterprise and social support, School of business administration in 2007 set up a special training and consulting center, professional team to provide the most rapid response and the most effective curriculum and the allocation of teachers for the enterprise and society.

The present training consultation center projects include: customized training courses, management at different levels of the company management science master's degree and a master's degree in economics and MBA course training, professional master degree of agriculture extension, Tourism Management Master's degree, senior business management courses in the class, China venture investment refresher course, international financial planner certification (AFP) training classes, a variety of high-end lectures etc..

The purpose of training and consulting center:Western culture Chinese world-class entrepreneurs.As a source of China western management wisdom.