“Celebrating the Holiday Together and Sharing Happiness” New Year’s Event


On December 20th, 2013, in the evening, the New Year’s event themed “Celebrating the Holiday Together and Sharing Happiness” was organized by International Affairs Office together with Sino-French Innovative Research Institution, which attracted more than 20 international students from France, Austria, Belgium, Sweden and the United Kingdom as well as the volunteers form SBA ISA (International Student’s Union).

At the beginning of the event, a staff from International Affairs Office extended New Year’s greetings to all the participants and congratulated them on acquiring knowledge and friendship with volunteers in China on behalf of the dean of SBA and the office director. Then, the international students were acquainted with New Year’s traditional customs in China, and received a special gift from SBA.

Afterwards, the Chinese and international students played some interesting games together. The first one demanded a cooperation by three players to fulfil some successive missions. One player needed to blow a ping-pong ball from the first water-filled bowl to the third bowl; another player needed to blow the ball from a flour-filled plate; the last player needed to blow out three candles at one time, and the fastest team was awarded. Each player received Chinese-style postcards. The following games were “Carry Balloons on the Back” “Chicken Dance” “Unfasten Hoops by Ten People” and so on with small prizes to encourage the players. The brilliant performances drew a round of applause and laughter. After playing games, the students shared delicious dessert and snacks with each other and talked freely about culture and life in different countries. At the end of the event, every student received a small New Year’s souvenir.

As a joyful holiday celebration, this event was also a communication platform for Chinese and international students to deepen understanding and feel other cultures. SBA will continue to be internationalized in the next year and provide more and better international exchange opportunities to students.