Representatives from Siemens AG visited SWUFE on September 16th, 2013


In the afternoon of September 16th, at the invitation of Office of International Affairs and China-France Creation and Research Institution (OIA&CFCRI) of School of Business Administration, the manager of SEMC Andreas Bukenberger, CFO Stefan Gottwald, HR manager Tian Xuefei and General Affairs Manager Liu Liqing visited SWUFE. Vice president Yangdan, together with the head of relevant departments including School of Business Administration, School of Accounting, Office of International Exchange and Cooperation, and Career Planning and Employment Guidance Center met with them. This is the second official visiting to SWUFE of Siemens’s top tier following their visiting to School of Business Administration in this July.

The objective of this visiting is very clear. Except for deepening mutual understanding, Siemens hoped to strengthen collaboration in all around via various ways such as delivering lecture, providing internships, and know more about MBA courses and Logistics Management major of School of Business Administration. On behalf of MBA Education Center, Dean Kougang briefly introduced the plan about courses and cooperation partnership while Liang Zhijie, acting chair of school of Logistics Management, discussed how to provide research support on logistics and risk management with representatives of SEWC.

The short meeting laid a foundation for future cooperation. And after the meeting, relevant schools had a further exchange on their own areas with Siemens representatives. Two parties were expected to establish substantial cooperation and achieve a win-win result.