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2014 SWUFE EMBA Admission Brochure

Features and Advantages

The features and advantages of EMBA program can be concluded as four "E"s.

Economy -- the sense of mission to govern and benefit the people

Execution -- the executive art in management

Energy -- to enlighten the progressive managerial talents with the energy of knowledge

Elite -- the cradle and gathering for managerial elites

The Distinguished EMBA Program in Western China

Among the First Batch of EMBA Education Accreditation in China

A Perfect Integration of Globalization, Localization and Personalization


In 2002, SWUFE was accredited as the member of the first 30 universities and colleges qualified to set up the EMBA program in China.

Application Requirements

Bachelor's degree or above

8-year working experience or more, including 4 years in management at least

Incumbent middle or senior manager in large-scale enterprises, financial institutions or governments

Application Procedures

Qualification Inspection: the candidate needs to apply for the program in the office of EMBA Education Center of SWUFE by producing the original diploma or copies firstly. Then the candidate examined to be qualified needs to pay the application fee and fill the standard application forms.

Application: the candidate needs to fill the standard application forms carefully according to the guidebook, and submit them with the resume to the office of EMBA Education Center of SWUFE. Candidates in Chongqing or Guiyang could submit the materials to the local relevant offices.

Application Deadline: April 30th, 2014 (Spring Semester) October 31th, 2014 (Autumn Semester)

Entrance Examination: According to the unified requirements of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee and China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee, the examination is held by SWUFE itself, composed of a written test (comprehensive qualities test) and an expert interview.

Test Method

Qualification inspection and the interview mainly, supplemented by the interview

Enrollment Quota

No more than 200 students


As an in-service training, the lessons would be given in four days (two weekdays + two weekends in succession) per month. As a flexible educational system, the duration is not less than 18 months, usually 20 months.

Teaching Method

The teaching method is case study based, including lectures, case study, management practice, situational simulation, expert lectures, on-site project analysis, overseas visiting, etc.

New Curriculum

Focuses on integration, orientation of decision-making, close relationships with practice and international competitive environment

By using the curriculum of similar universities home and abroad for reference, the curriculum of SWUFE EMBA is modular with the emphasis on the integration of course content and teaching procedures, i.e., integrating different courses comprehensively by relevant topics

We strive to make the curriculum, topics and teaching methods close to reality with the emphasis on the integration of enterprises' operation.

In the duration of 18 months at least, the candidate needs to finish 16 courses with 35 credits.

International Faculty

We have not only professors and leading experts of our university and China but also visiting professors from Europe, the United States, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.

Degree Awarding

The candidate could receive the Certificate of EMBA with unified code of the State Council Academic Degrees Committee awarded by SWUFE after finishing 16 compulsory courses in 4 modules as well as passing the thesis defense.

Contact Us

EMBA Education Center of SWUFE

Add: EMBA Education Center of SWUFE (in the old library near the South Gate of Guanghua Campus)

Tel: 86-28-87352932 87359066 87352002

Fax: 86-28-87352123

Postcode: 610074

Web: http://emba.swufe.edu.cn

SWUFE EMBA Admission Office Chongqing Branch

Add: Chongqing Technology and Business University Jiangbei Campus, Jinyuan Road, Jiangbei District, Chongqing

Tel: 023-67693803

SWUFE EMBA Guiyang Teaching School

Tel: (0851)5829352 13608590998

Add: Monte Carney: Shui Ying Shan Cheng (pronunciation in Chinese), Baihua Avenue NO. 155, Yunyan District, Guiyang