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  • Wang Dong

    Wang was listed as the “Ten influential people of Sichuan Catering Industry” by West China City News.

  • Gong Yu

    Standing Director of Sichuan Tourism Association,Committee Member of Youth Federation of Chengdu

  • Zhuang Zihan

    He treated the staff sincerely as his true friends and the employees take him as a brother.

  • Yangning

    Sailed with knowledge, guided with philanthropy

  • Chen Honglang

    ocean flame

  • Zheng Yumei

    Developing “The peal on the crown” namely private banking with her professional knowledge.

  • Zhai Shuanghua

    He said after learning in SWUFE he applied the management knowledge into practice, equipping his corporation team with high efficiency.

  • Li Zhengui

    Students of EMBA Fall Semester in SWUFE, 2007 C.E.O., Hong Kong Jin Shili Co., LTD