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Chen Honglang

ocean flame

Chen Honglang : ocean flame

When it comes to the name of Chen Honglang, maybe you will think about a man, but it is a name for a tender woman who embodied with passion and blandness. She holds the post of general manager and deputy secretary of CPC of Sinopec Sichuan Huaxing Gas Co.,Ltd. She had managed to convert a state-owned enterprise about to be integrated and restructured into the “The Most Efficient Enterprise in Producing Petroleum and Petroleum Products “in Sichuan Province, and the business performance on oil and gas field operating ranked the first place in southwest China. When you meet Ms. Chen for the first time, you will be impressed with her enthusiasm. She is like burning flames with light and warmth which will be transmit to everyone around her. Then, after a further communication with her, you will find a calm and peaceful belief in her through her own deconstruction of corporate management, politics, literature, etc., and her love for her family. As her name suggested, she has half red fireworks and half blue waves in her character.