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On January 7th, an EMBA delegation of 12 members from Taiwan Ling Tung University led by professor Huang Jianer, director of EMBA, paid a visit to School of Business Administration,SWUFE, and exchange thoughts and ideas with EMBA students of SWUFE.

In the morning, director Cheng Zhijie had met with the EMBA delegation and extended sincere and warm welcome to them. Then, he introduced the history of SWUFE and the development of West Business School. Professor Gao Feiyi had delivered a lecture on “The History and Current Development of Family Business in Mainland China”, which aroused a great interest among students.

In the afternoon, School of Business Administration had the EMBA students together for a mutual exchange of ideas. Part of representatives from EMBA students of SWUFE and the EMBA students of Ling Tung University communicated with each other to appreciate the direct impact of distinctive management ideas deriving from the cultural difference between Taiwan and mainland. Specifically, students made their opinions and comments based on their own career background in terms of the cross-strait economic and trade exchange, difference on management and experience in joining EMBA program. The atmosphere was charged with excitement. Students were keen to be involved into the discussion and they exchanged gifts after the meeting to express their willingness of strengthening mutual collaboration and communication.