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On 1st December, The Power Of Think Tank—2013 Annual Financial and Economic Theme Salon jointly sponsored by Audi of Faw - Volkswagen Automotive Company, approximately 200 EMBA alumni and elites and leaders from business community of Sichuan Provence had officially opened at the Ritz-Carlton, Chengdu. Yangdan, the vice president of SWUFE, and Dimis, the guest professor of INSEAD, attended this event. The presider of the forum is Cheng Mingxia, the associate managing editor of Harvard Business Review China.

During the keynote speech, vice president Yangdan and professor Dimis had addressed a speech respectively. Specifically, vice president Yangdan shared his understanding on how to transmit the vitality of family enterprises. He believed that the transmission of a family enterprise is not just about the fortune and the company itself, not to say the distribution of property in accordance with the testament, but referring to the cultivation of a new generation of entrepreneurs and the decision you made. He also gave three specific suggestions. “Firstly, they should formulate a “family constitution” to help with the systematic management; secondly, they could select a professional manager to be a proxy for the incompetent successor, but also they should be cautious about the war for power controls; finally, it is necessary to establish a family board of directors to work on the family constitution, the value cherished by family and the training of the next generation.” His speech was ample with brilliant ideas and insights. Besides, professor Dimis had prepared various props to help with his presentation, which was greeted with wild applaud from the audience.

In the discussion time, focusing on the theme “Transmission of Family Fortune”, Gao Jinkang, the Dean of the school of Law of SWUFE, Zhang Zihan, the EMBA alumni of the Year 2009 and the president of Leshan Mileage Property Ltd., Zhouyin, the president of Hope Culture & Tourism Development Group L.L.C and Hainan Culture & Tourism Development Group L.L.C, and Xuding, the general manager of the product department of private banking, ICBC, had an heated discussion on many hot topics from both scholar’s and entrepreneur’s perspective. And another rich discussion on “Innovation and Reform” was also had among professor Dimis, Jibo, the president of BOR Brand International Inc., Mao Chunjing, the IBM Greater China chief director for product and strategy , Wenwei, the CEO of Maipu Communication Technique Ltd., and Longmiao, the president of Sunyuki. Generally speaking, the atmosphere of this forum was charged with excitement and there were many times of interaction between the guest and audience.