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Double Master Degree Program at University of Haute-Alsace

Time :2014-06-25

Program Introduction

According to the agreement signed with University of Haute-Alsace (Université de Haute-Alsace), the exchange program between SWUFE and University of Haute-Alsace began in 2010. Candidates of the program have the chance to take the last-year course of professional master degree of marketing at University of Haute-Alsace and get corresponding master's degree of the university.( University of Haute-Alsace is recognized by China’s Ministry of Education abroad study service center). Students of SWUFE will be retained credits when they are in France.

Introduction of the university

Founded in 1975, the University of Haute-Alsace provides more than 100 majors’ degrees for foreign students under the LMD System (Licence (Bachelor), Masteur (Master), Docteur (Doctor), aka “358 education system”). Except for ensuring basic knowledge for students, the University of Haute-Alsace also emphases the cultivation of students’ employment ability and almost all majors are required to complete major-related internship during their study.

Candidates: First and second year graduate school students in SWUFE

Requirements: Excellent in IELTS/TOEFL/TOEIC (IELTS 6.0, TOEFL 80,TOEIC 750)

Registration Time: Every year before April 15th.

Quota: 15 students every year.

Application way: Please fill up the registration table and send it together with personal English resume to swufe_zhongfa@163.com;

Consulting Approach: 87092285, Teacher Tang Mingfeng, Teacher Humin.

Room 521, TongBo Building Section B, Liulin Campus, China-France Innovation Center.