2014 SWUFE EMBA Admission Brochure

Time :2014-06-25

SWUFE is a national key university under direct administration of the Ministry of Education and is listed in “Project 211” as the first batch and “985 Innovative Platforms for Key Disciplines Project” of the Chinese government. It established the first Finance Collaborative Innovation Center in China, and is also selected as one of the trial spots for nation wide educational reform as well as the only university with the national faculty and teaching development demonstration center of the 12th Five-Year Plan among all the universities of finance and economics in China. In 1993, SWUFE was authorized to be the first university setting up the MBA program in southwestern China by the Ministry of Education. Since its birth, we have integrated all the resources of SWUFE to develop the MBA program following the advanced international MBA education paradigm. After nearly two decades of development, the training quality of MBA has been widely recognized by China National MBA Education Supervisory Committee with the praise that “SWUFE has established the regional standard for the MBA education in southwestern China initially”, enjoying a high reputation in China.

Training Objectives
In China, the MBA education puts effort into training high-quality management talents for enterprises and economic authorities by learning the experience of developed countries and combining with the situation of China. According to the previous regulations of State Education Commission, the training objectives of MBA are to train the high-quality management talents for enterprises and economic authorities, who can adapt to the needs of economic construction and reform and opening up of China with a firm and correct political orientation, and master professional knowledge as well as management practice with both organizational & command capabilities and strategic vision & pioneering spirit.

Basic Requirements for MBA:
Uphold the four fundamental principles, master the basic principles of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory, implement the Party's basic line, principles and policies, comply with laws and regulations, have ideals of striving for national prosperity and revitalization, have the dedication and sense of mission to serve the people with hardworking and enterprising spirit and contact with the masses, and have a high moral quality and attainment.
Master a comparatively wide and solid knowledge and method about modern economic management, understand the new development of modern economic management, know well of the new situation and problems of China's economic reform and construction, be good at linking theory with practice, and apply the knowledge and experience to solve practical problems creatively.
Have a comparatively strong professional qualification and operational capability on personnel, managing money affairs, marketing, finance, trade, production management, meeting an emergency, decision-making, organizing and demanding, and planning of economic strategy.
Master a foreign language with a comparatively proficiency with general communication skills.
Have robust physique and energy for the job

Learning Contents & Styles
According to the requirements of socialist market economy and the style of SWUFE, the learning contents of SWUFE MBA program include the Foundation Course Module (including accountancy, principles of economics, law, English and business ethics) and the Core Course Module (including marketing, financial management, strategic management, managerial economics, and human resource management). After finishing the Core Course Module, students can choose from four Orientation Course Modules, i.e. Marketing Management, Leadership & Strategy, Accounting & Corporate Finance, Financial Market & Banking Management. Finally it comes to Electives & Integrated Practice Module

Program Duration & Training Types
The program duration of MBA is two-year (1.5 year for course learning and 0.5 year for writing dissertation). Based on the different situation and needs, we offer two training types, namely off-job training and in-service training, and three learning styles.
1. In-service training. It can be divided into two types: a. off-job training in 8 weeks intensively in residence per semester (Day Class); b. training in the evenings from Monday to Friday and the whole day of Saturday in 12 weeks intensively in a commuting way (Evening Class)
2. Off-job training, namely full-time study in residence
Generally the duration is 2-year up to a maximum of 4-year. The specific duration is depended on how long the student can earn all the required credits and finish the dissertation. Candidates can choose from the two training types above freely, and the enrollment is based on the written test and interview.
Credit Requirement & Degree Awarding
The required credits for MBA were 45 credits and 53 credits for students in off-job class. Students must pass the examinations for prescribed courses in order to earn the credits. After earning all the required credits, finishing the dissertation and passing the defense, students can receive the MBA Diploma and Graduation Diploma printed uniformly by the Ministry of Education according the requirements of SWUFE Regulation of Academic Degrees and degree application process.

Application Requirements
Support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, be willing to contribute to socialist modernization with a good moral and legal compliance
3-year working experience or more after graduating with the Bachelor’s degree (counting from the graduation date to September 1st, 2014 as the same below)
The candidate should verify the validity of the diplomas. If they are proved to be invalid by the Admission Department or Authentication Center, the candidate will suffer a cancellation of admission, and the enrolled student will be dismissed from the school.
The candidate’s physical health should meet the requirements of the country and SWUFE.

For candidates applying for SWUFE MBA off-job program with the total points exceeding 190 in the written test as well as the points of English exceeding 65, after enrolling in SWUFE MBA and check in on time, the first 20 ones of them will be awarded with scholarships by SBA according to their scores of the written test. The 1st : 50,000¥. The 2nd and 3rd: ¥10,000. The 4th to 20th: ¥5,000.
Application & Examinations
Online Application
Time: 9:00 – 22:00 every day from October 10th to 31st in 2013. (You will be not able to apply for the program or amend the application information if it is overdue.)
Website for Application: http://yz.chsi.com.cn/ (China Graduate Enrollment Information Network)
Payment Method: Online payment (You could not pay the fee on spot)
Conformation on Spot
Time: November 10th – 14th, 2013
Location: SWUFE Liulin Campus, Wenjiang District, Chengdu
Test Time:
January 4th, 2014
8: 30 – 11:30, morning                Comprehensive Knowledge of Management
14: 00 – 17: 00, afternoon              English (2)
Test Content:
In 2014, the unified examination is still carried out for MBA enrollment. Subjects of the preliminary test: NO.199 Comprehensive Capabilities (including Mathematics, Chinese and Logic), NO.204 Foreign Languages. Subjects for retest: Political Theory, Comprehensive Capabilities Test. China MBA Education Supervisory Committee writes the preliminary test and marks the test papers entrusted by the Ministry of Education. The test duration of every subject is 3-hour. Tests are carried out in a written way. The total points of the preliminary test are 300 (200 for Comprehensive Knowledge of Management and 100 for English). The Examination Syllabus and Examination Guide on the subjects of the Entrance Examinations are written by China MBA Education Supervisory Committee.
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