Enrollment Guide of the Double-Master Program with University of Upper Alsace of School of Business Administration at SWUFE

Time :2014-06-25

(Low cost, paid internships and a Master degree)

According to the agreement between SWUFE and University of Upper Alsace, they will carry out an exchange nurturing program of master degree. The participants will go to the University of Upper Alsace to study the half-year courses for a master degree on wine marketing and have the opportunity of paid internships in foreign-funded companies and wine estate. After completing the credits In accordance with the provisions, the student will get the French national master degree on this major of University of Upper Alsace. (The University of Upper Alsace is one of the French public universities which are accredited by the CSCSE, ranking 14 among the public universities)

Brief Introduction

Based in the two cities of Mulhouse and Colmar which lie close to the Swiss and German borders, the University of Upper Alsace has beautiful environment and convenient living. Mulhouse was known as "the industrial capital of Alsace", while Colmar is the capital of the Alsace region and a well-known tourism city. Founded in 1975, the University of Upper Alsace offers more than 100 majors for students (bachelors, masters and doctors).


Foreign students have the same housing subsidies, social insurance, public transport subsidies and universities catering subsidies as French students’.

French is the official language of UN, ranking second to the English in the world. To master French makes students more competitive in employment.

Students enjoy the high-quality French education resources and the cost of studying for a master degree in France is much lower than that of Britain and the United States.

Students have broad space for development and the opportunity to continue to study for a doctoral degree in France. Students of European education background are easy to apply for Canadian immigration. Studying in France also offers the opportunity to immigrate or move to Europe.


Core courses: Basic knowledge of Wine, Wine Economy, Wine Market and Practice in Wine Estates

Application Requirements

Students in SWUFE who have completed the required credits

Ielts: 6.0, Toefl: 80, Toeic: 750

Getting the nod of the interview from French-Chinese Research and Innovation Center

A French-speaking student is preferred

Time of enrollment: September each year

Application time: Before April each year

Contact us

Miss Hu

Tel: 87092285

Add: French-Chinese Research and Innovation Center, Room 521, Block B, Tong Bo Building, SWUFE