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Long Miao

Time :2014-06-25

In China, when we talk about master of Business Management, we are willing to use the term MBA. Why? My understanding is that MBA is different from other postgraduate program in that it has already been a special label for a group of people and not confined into the campus of university. It has been the backbone of promoting the development of society. I was impressed with my experience in MBA of SWUFE in the past few years.

Firstly, MBA open a door to whole another world for my life. When I was stuck on puzzle of life path, I joined into this group, and I got new ideas and established new contacts. I was like a patient after cataract surgery who could see the light again and I have a new goal.

Secondly, MBA change my values. The value of SWUFE MBA Association ----“Team, Dream, Honor, and Responsibility” drew my attention from individual interests to team development and social responsibility. I have planned a better way to prepare for life.

My feeling is that a successful MBA education experience will lead you to a more successful life. I am grateful for SWUFE, for educators for School of Business Administration MBA education and for the support and help from my MBA alumni.