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Liu Jie

Time :2014-06-25

MBA let me know how to manage my life

As the first deputy General Secretary of MBA Association, then selected as the General Secretary fro five times consecutively, I have witnessed the development of association from its startup period to formally establishment. As a newcomer in Chengdu, with few friends, the strangeness made me feel like the duckweed lingering at the edge of the city. Fortunately, later I joined into the team to create MBA Association which gave me a whole new environment. Here, I could communicate with MBA nationwide to exchange ideas, talk about goals, and make a lot of like-minded friends from all over the country. If I have a second chance, I would insist in pursuing Southwest University of Finance and Economics MBA. An MBA is for sure a learning experience. Most importantly, it is a transformational and inspiring experience to teach me how to manage my life!"