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Xiong Ping

Time :2014-06-25

Reflections on the Start of my MBA Journey

I am Xiongping, a student of the evening class of MBA, the class of 2001, working for Science & Technology Agency of Chengdu High-tech Zone. The two-and-half- year learning experience benefited my life substantially and impressed me a lot.

Firstly, encouraged by the academic achievements and professional ethics of bright professors, I unconsciously improved myself in all around.

Secondly, SWUFE focuses on the combination of theory and practice. The MBA was really an expansion process that increased my understanding of how business works and solved my puzzles and problems encountered in my job, but it also quietly stretched my brain into theoretical basis for the same problems in future. My reflection of my MBA is to apply theory into practice of your job and daily life.

Finally, MBA at SWUFE has a wider community of alumni and their value-added services. The MBA Alumni Center will sustain you after your final class and also serves as the tie for continue education through the exchange between alumni.