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The warm affection of industry economics of alumni of the class of 1980 remains the same after 30 years of entrepreneurship

Time :2014-06-25

——celebrating the 30 anniversary of the entry of the class of 1980

Written by Zhang Jin,(graduate student from the class of 2007)

As a student of school of Business Administration, we always paid high respect to alumni from the department of Industrial Economics of the class of 1980. Embodied with the outstanding quality, they displayed their own talent completely in their career. They have become the backbone of our country as a contributor to the leap-frog development of China over the past 30 years. With the graceful bearing of encouraging youth, they entered the Guanghua campus harboring their ideals in the most beautiful year of their life. Sleeping at Huang building and garage, sharpens the ambitions and goals; visiting Emei Mountain and Du Fu's Thatched Cottage cultivates the elegant interest. Playing basketball and football, they are good at sports; learning Economics and Management, they are excellent in academy. From then on, they immersed themselves in study and work on it diligently. Entrepreneurship is full of difficulties. In the era of China's experiencing a rapid development, they firmly committed to the construction of the motherland. They had tasted the entire bitter flavor in their establishing companies; they got started in politics and education only to make the country prosperous. They are the experts and elites in economy, finance, and ness community. Besides, they had cultivated thousands of excellent students all over the world. Some people believe that the college students in 1980s demonstrated Chinese tradition thoroughly. The so-called "scholar" is the figure who “strives for their wellbeing for the sake of our people, inherits, revives and promotes the economical culture, to protect a time of national peace and order”, and they always feel responsible for the peace and prosperity of the world. Actually, our alumni of the class of 1980 also displayed these qualities perfectly.

Over the past three decades, time has gone by in a flash. Over the past three decades, friendship and affections cannot be forgotten. In this autumn, a season of harvest, we have the return our alumni of the class of 1980. In order to celebrate the 30 anniversary of the entry of the class of 1980, they back to SWUFE from all over the country to recall their youth memory and cement their friendship.

During the interview, we can feel their great affection for Alma Mater and immense pride for their classmates. Here, I want to present this group which is full of passion, youth, glory and dream to you in the form of “BEST IN CLASS”