Development History

Time :2014-06-25

In 1987, we set up the first doctoral program for Industrial Business (Enterprise Management) in southwestern China.

In 1993, as the first school setting up the MBA program in southwestern China, we began the MBA program.

In 1997, we launched SBA, absorbing the Industrial Economy Department and Trade Economy Department.

In 1997, we were authorized to set up the EMBA program among the first batch by State Economic and Trade Commission

In 2000, we established the MBA Education Center, absorbing the MBA programs from SBA and the School of International Business.

In 2000, we passed the qualified assessment for the first batch of MBA programs in China, praised as the school “who established the regional standard for the MBA education in southwestern China” by experts.

In 2002, we were authorized to be one of the first schools setting up the EMBA program in China as well as the first school in southwestern China.

In 2010, we established EMBA Center as SBA absorbed MBA program.