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Time :2014-06-25

INSEEC is a well-known elite university in France. It was founded initially in beautiful Bordeaux, 1975, and set up a branch on the bank of Seine River in Paris 8 years later, now a new branch in Lyon. After 30 years of its founding, it has developed into INSEEC Group, one of the famous elite business schools which nurture commercial and management talents. In the latest France’s elite business school (GRANDE ECOLE) rankings, INSEEC group is among the best. Its “Information Systems Management and Engineering” and “Luxury Brand Management, Food & Wine Management” have been rated as the most valuable innovative major on master degree in the “Classement SMBG 2010”. Its Wine Management” was crowned on this major in France, and there are 10 majors among the top ten in France. According to the national small and medium-sized enterprise survey, graduates of INSEEC have excellent integrated performance with high satisfaction.