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(Lecture Review) The History and Current Situation for Operation management

Time :2013-06-17

On June 15th, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Yue Jingfeng, professor of University of Tennessee Business School and dean of the School of Information Management and Engineering of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, gave us a wonderful lecture on the topic of “The History and Current Situation for Operation management”.

At the beginning of the lecture, professor Yue talked about the history of operation management. Then he talked about the humanistic management, quality control and the development of computer technology. In the end, he referred to supply chain management that is a hot issue these days. The whole lecture contains three points: first, improving management can replace technology and equipment upgrading; second, the aim of management is to eliminate trouble rather than to create it; third, quality control can improve social wellbeing.

The whole lecture lasted for nearly three hours. Professor Yue analyzed the development and change of management form the perspective of history. He also clearly explained the important points that will influence the reform of management, which make the students realize that management is neither single nor bouncing.

After the lecture, students all said that this kind of lecture given by overseas professors could bring them more thoughts and knowledge.