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(Lecture Review) Lecture on Leadership by Associated Professor Amanuel from Wayne State University

Time :2013-05-20

On May 18th, at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, Amanuel Tekleab, associated Professor at Wayne State University, gave a wonderful lecture themed leadership.

Professor Amanuel divided leadership into personality traits and patterns of behavior, of which each is further divided into two dimensions. The unique and deep perspective gave students a new angle to think about leadership and left them a deeper understanding about leadership. At the same time, Amanuel also showed some actual events and examples to help students understand, making the abstract concept more concrete.

The cultural and language difference have no impact on the effect of lecture. In the latter part of the lecture, professor Amanuel had a close interaction with students and answered questions of the students, who expressed their own ideas, thoughts and understandings. The atmosphere of the lecture climbed to the climax with the collision of different ideas.

The lecture lasted for 2 hours and ended in the group photo between students and Amanuel.