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Seminar by MBA alumni: Our Prospect, Your Participation – China's Entrance to Era of Innovative Retail

Updated : 2017-01-09

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Time: 2017-01-09 01:00-01:50

Place:Tongbo Building Room 102, Liulin Campus

Theme: Our Prospect, Your Participation – China’s Entrance to Era of Innovative Retail

Time: 9th January 2017, 13:00-13:50

Breif Introduction about LONG Miao:

JEFFREY LONG, is entitled as Chairman of Sunyuki Agricultural Science & Technology Co., Ltd. Member of the 7th CPPCC Qingyang, Chengdu, Sichuan. Deputy secretary-general of Sichuan Youth Federation, agricultural forum. Member of Sichuan Youth Entrepreneurs Association (i.e. SYEA). President of the 6th MBA Association of SWUFE.

Mr. Long has held positions of below:

-Business manager in Overseas Chinese Duty-free Department Store, affiliated with Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the People's Government of Sichuan Province;

-Deputy GM of Sichuan LanFei Trade Co., Ltd., under Sichuan Foreign Economy & Trade Committee;

-Director of Marketing Dept. of Chengdu Senyu Real Estate Group;

-EVP of Chengdu Nanhu Food Culture Co., Ltd..

Having two successful start-ups, Mr. Long has separately founded Sichuan Lianyu Technology Co., Ltd. in 1999, and Sunyuki Agricultural Science & Technology Co., Ltd. in 2009, acting as Chairman.

Breif Introduction about Sunyuki Agricultural Science & Technology Co., Ltd.:

Sunyuki Agricultural Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sunyuki Agriculture”) was set up in August 2010 with the registered capital of 56 million 32 thousand and 96 hundred Yuan. Aiming at advancing the development of organic agriculture, advocating natural and healthy quality life and paying close attention to environmental protection and sustainable development, Sunyuki is an innovative agricultural enterprise.

Sunyuki Agriculture devotes itself to being an operator of quality life, and provides high-end consumers in the city with solutions of "safe, healthy, delicious and convenient" personalized dinning-table so as to be a good and trusted table butler . With the membership system as core, Sunyuki Agriculture build three-dimensional sales customer service system by official website, Number 400 customer service telephone hot line, mobile terminal APP and community chain stores, and realize the diversified e-commerce operation mode of B2B, B2C and O2O.

Maintaining strong momentum of high-speed development, Sunyuki Agriculture shall start IPO and agricultural capitalization era soon. In the aspect of regional development, taking Chongqing as a starting point the company achieve self-replicating of business mode, and it shall cover major first-tier cities in China like Shanghai and Beijing so as to realize the strategic planning of "twenty cities in five years, ten billion Yuan annual income with one thousand shops" and set up benchmarking and model for industries of “Internet and agriculture” in China.