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On April 23rd 2013, at 7 o’clock in the afternoon, an experience-sharing meeting by "Women’s Dream" Branch Alumni Association was successfully held at Huarun Jinyuewan Club. Huang Haoyun, Master of Economics graduated in 1983 from School of Business Administration, Wang Hongyi, MBA student graduated in 1998 from School of Business Administration and Li Yuli, Bachelor of Economics graduated in 1984 from School of Business Administration were invited to share experience with alumnus of the "Women’s Dream" Branch Alumni Association.

Huang and Wang shared their experience of start their own business and life lessons.

Huang and Li shared their experiences about parent-child education. They also closely communicated with students in Women’s Class on problems concerning corporate management, human resources, parenting and hobbies. At the same time, they talked about the experiences they had summarized in practice and recommended some books for students to refer to.

The atmosphere at the scene was very active, with broad topics and fluent communication.

Classic quotations:

"So why some girls, although they have better performance at school than boys, cannot get better chances for development? Because men won’t drop the habit of reading after graduation, while women will." ---Huang Haoyun

"It is dependability that makes us success." ---Wang Hongyi

Recommended Books:

English, Doctor Knows ----Parenting

The Groan--- Human resources