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Happy Gathering at Shuiquangou to Strengthen the Relationship

It was early autumn in Beijing. The wind was fresh and the sunshine was bright in suburb. On 22nd September, more than 40 SWUFE alumnus in Beijing gathered at Shuiquangou, Yan Qing, to take outdoor activities.

At half past seven in the morning, the alumnus took the bus sponsored by Huang Haoyun, also the SWUFE alumni, at Deshengmen. After two hours of drive, they reached Shuiquangou. Seeing from the mountain, the scene is too beautiful to be absorbed all at once: the valley was covered with trees, falls and ponds were refreshing and the Old Great Wall was winding through the mountains.

Alumnus Took a Group Photo to Mark the Occasion

(1) Trudging

Led by "Snow Wolf", a seasoned backpacker, alumnus started from Shuiquangou Station, trudged through landscapes like Beach, Suspension Bridge, Small West Lake, etc., and headed toward the destination. Along the rugged valley, streams and rock mountains appeared now and then. Alumnus hand in hand, explored the unknown route front, and successfully conquered difficulties encountered.

Trudging and Helping

2Happy Gathering at Farmhouse

At half past 12 in the noon, alumnus got together at Xiangtun Farmhouse to have lunch. Each table was designated a "Team Leader" to promote interaction. After the self-introduction, every one cheered. During the lunch, Zhang Ting sang a beautiful song for the rest of the alumnus, Cui Cedong brought the mangos produced in Panzhihua, Sichuan Province, Wei Xi brought white wines sponsored by LangJiu Co. Ltd., and others drank and communicated with each other happily. The atmosphere in the yard was warm and relax and there was laughter now and then.

Happy Gathering at the Farmhouse

After the lunch some alumnus sightseen the Old Great Wall in the near place. Climbing along the mountain ridges, they have reached the Old Great Wall, on which the aged Beacon Tower impressed them a lot with the weight of history.

Other alumnus just had a rest in the farmhouse and played Sichuan mahjong. They tried to speak Sichuan accent (though not so standard) to recall the easy and simple in Chengdu when they were still college students.

Alumnus Took a Group Photo to Mark the Occasion at Old Great Wall

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, the outdoor activity at Shuiquangou came to an end and alumnus took bus back to downtown area. Through this activity, alumnus harvested friendship, health and happiness. They all expected to meet at the next alumni activity.