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The Second Reading Party by SWUFE Beijing Alumni Association was Successfully Held

On March 31st 2013, the smell of books spread out the Shiyiqiju café shop, which is located in West Sea, Beijing.

On that day, the Second Reading Party was successfully organized by SWUFE Beijing Alumni Association, during which 19 alumni in different ages their thought and experiences with each other about the books they read. The contents ranged from the cultural system in Taiwan to the direction of China’s reform, from urbanization to the development of financial market and from the way of work to how to overcome procrastination.

Books recommended by our alumni include See by Liangjin and The Kite Runner, both of which are full of sense of literature and art; famous novels like San Ti, a science fiction by Liu cixin, and 1Q84; books about history and institution, such as Sheng xuanhuai, Taiwan in Recent Years and On the Opium War Again; professional books like On the Ternary Economic Structure of China and International Financial Crisis: Observation, Analysis and Respond; and also books about life views and how to improve our efficiency, such as Cure Procrastination in Seven Days and The Minto Pyramid Principle: Logic in Writing, Thinking, & Problem Solving.

During the inclusive discussion, our alumni’s understanding of the book as well as their spirits were improved through the communication and debate, which, however, also strengthened their relationships.

SWUFE Beijing Alumni Association