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The Spirit of Alumni Carries Forward

On November 16th 2013, SWUFE Shanghai Alumni Association organized an orientation party for 2013 graduates who came to Shanghai in 2013. To make better preparations and to give a warm welcome to the newcomer, SWUFE Shanghai Alumni Association did a lot of works to prepare, such as contacting new alumnus, picking site and choosing party contents.

The party was held at Tianxiayijia Teahouse, which is located in Pudong New Area. Guests came from all around the country, most of whom were alumnus that came to Shanghai this year and some were old alumnus who had worked in mutual funds, security, bank and venture capital for many years and had many achievements. Among those alumnus who had just graduated from SWUFE, some continued to study in famous higher education institutions like Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Tongji University, and some were working in lease mutual funds, bank, lease, security, insurance and other industries to fulfill the responsibility as a swufer.

The party began at 10 o’clock in the morning and the host is Ma Shiting, secretary of SWUFE Shanghai Alumni Association. The first activity is self-introduction, during which some alumnus were humorous, some were serious and some were shy. But all of them showed the passion and energy specially owned by swufers. After that, old alumnus of SWUFE began to share their experience about life and work in Shanghai with newcomers and gave precious advice to them about how to act properly when they work. Some alumnus worked in companies like Ever Brighting Future even said that they would like to provide job opportunities for the newcomers, which made some new alumnus who wanted to find a new job or internship exciting.

After a series of communication, during lunch time the Association prepared free buffet lunch for newcomers. After the self-introduction and the close communication between old alumnus and newcomers, all the alumnus, both old and young, were integrated into one group: swufer, without any gap such as work and age. Some of the new alumnus came to the old to ask questions concerning about themselves, and some just gathered together to make further communication, which then strengthened their friendship quickly. The whole party went well in a warm atmosphere and continued into the afternoon.

The activity organized by the Alumni Association provided a platform for alumnus of SWUFE to communicate with each other as well as precious opportunities for newcomers to meet business elites. Through this activity, relationships of alumnus living and working in Shanghai were strengthened and also newcomers become realized that the SWUFE family is large and warm and that the spirit of helping and caring about each other shared by the swufer would never change regardless of distance.

The SWUFE Shanghai Alumni Association will carry forward the spirit of “diligently striving for the well-being of the people and the society”, closely contact alumnus of SWUFE in Shanghai, return SWUFE and never forget the kindness brought by alma mater to we swufers.