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The department of Enterprise Management has a long history. In 1953, it was set up named Department of Industrial Economy and Professor Wu Shijing, Chinese famous business administration and marketing pioneer acted as the Dean. SBA has tremendous faculty and prized as “National Teaching Team”. It constantly introduced excellent talents at home and abroad to strengthen the faculty team. SBA has 25 full-time teachers at present, including 10 professors, 13 associate professors and 13 doctoral supervisors; over 80% teachers have doctoral degrees, including 6 overseas PhD holders; majority of teachers have worked in enterprises, with excellent team structure.

The department-running scale of Enterprise Management is expanding constantly and the department-running quality is improving continuously for over fifty years. In 1998, Enterprise Management was rated as key discipline of the Head Office of the People’s Bank of China; in 2004, it turned to be key discipline of Sichuan Province in 2004. At present, there are two authorized units of doctoral and master degree in business administration and human resource management as well as undergraduate program of business administration (characteristic major of undergraduate colleges). In addition, it is responsible for cultivation of undergraduate talent of bilingual business administration and the experimental class for financial service and management. The major of Enterprise Management is an earlier major in China which is the earliest to recruit Enterprise Management doctoral candidates in the southwest.

SBA has established a complete and solid liberal education platform and further structured an innovative practical teaching system on the basis, aiming to foster a lot of versatile business administration talents. In addition, SBA highlights fostering international vision of students and combination of theory and practice, and reinforces students’ application ability of professional knowledge. Graduates are highly praised in society and favored by employers and the employment rate ranks first every year. Employment directions of graduates mainly include: industrial enterprises, all kinds of enterprises of the tertiary industry (such as financing, telecommunication, circulation, etc.), research and advisory organs, government agencies, various public institutions, etc. Furthermore, many students study abroad every year.

SBA always keeps ahead in the development of Enterprise Management theory and practice and is devoted to researching and solving significant theoretical and practical problems in the process of enterprise operation and management, growth and reform. Research field mainly include cutting-edge basic theory of management, organization theory, corporate finance, human resource management, strategic management, operation management, innovation management, entrepreneurial management, enterprise informationization management, etc. Teachers in SBA have undertaken nearly 10 projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China and National Social Science Foundation of China in recent years and published dozens of research papers in important academic journals at home and abroad.