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Department of Marketing in SWUFE has a long history and Professor Wu Shijing-predecessor and pioneer of Chinese marketing industry, one of initiators of China Marketing Association of University and China Marketing Association began to set up and teach Marketing course in 1981. In 1986, SWUFE began to set up marketing undergraduate major and began to recruit marketing postgraduates of business administration in 1997. In 2003, SWUFE was approved as the authorized unit of master degree of marketing by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, becoming the first marketing master pilot in western China. In 2004, SWUFE set up the authorized unit of doctoral degree of marketing upon approval by the Ministry of Education, becoming the first marketing doctoral pilot in western China. The major is the construction base for cultivation of marketing undergraduate talent in Sichuan Province, characteristic major of undergraduate colleges in Sichuan Province and key discipline of Sichuan Province and the Marketing Course is rated as Sichuan provincial excellent course.

Specialized Characteristics:

The construction objective and thinking of marketing major is: to highlight professional application-oriented, research teaching-targeted and adhere to "indomitable spirit". In terms of characteristic education of the major, the course construction of marketing major comprehensively implements modular flexible education system and organically combines specialized course through module of basic marketing skills, module of interpersonal communication, module of marketing planning and management practice, module of advanced market research and module of marketing leading edge. The major emphasizes on coordination of course in four aspects, namely, coordination between independent functional course and case management course; coordination between static continuance and dynamic updating of textbook; coordination between Chinese characteristics and internationalization; coordination between technical skills and soft interpersonal skills.

Faculty Team:

In terms of faculty team, the marketing major has formed a faculty team with 6 doctoral supervisors as foregoers and professors and associate professors of master degree as main members, with good faculty structure and reasonable structure of academic degree and professional title. The major has 21 in-service teachers, 8 professors, and 11 associate professors at present; 14 teachers have obtained doctoral degrees, including 1 overseas doctoral student and teachers under 45 years old accounts for over 70%.

Faculty and Research Achievements:

The School of Marketing has obtained a lot of excellent achievements in education, teaching reform and scientific research. It has successively published and (revised) 9 monographs and over 10 textbooks and cases recently. In recent 5 years, professional teachers have undertaken over ten scientific research projects of provincial level or above, obtained almost one hundred scientific research achievements and published over one hundred articles in core journal.

Specialized Practice and Employment:

The School has also signed basic agreement of off-campus practice with JinJiang Hotel, BaiSheng Mall, Jiuzhaigou Valley Tourism Administration, Trust-Mart, Blue-ray Group, Baoshan Group, etc. to guarantee centralized practice of over 50% graduates. The major also actively builds "marketing test design and market simulation" laboratory on the basis of original "modern business administration research laboratory" and sets up test courses such as "marketing test design and market simulation" and "dynamic marketing simulation". The employment rate of graduates of marketing major is up to 96% per year on the average.