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Department of Tourism Management of SWUFE, founded in 1994, is the earliest tourism management undergraduate major in the southwest. At present, a complete teaching system has formed, covering doctor, master, MTA, undergraduate tourism management. At the same time, the major also has an academic professional research agency-Tourism Management Research Institute.

The construction objective and thinking of the School of Tourism Management is to emphasize exerting background advantage of finance and economics university, deepen tourism management theory and form tourism management major in line with international tourism management, with Chinese practical significance and finance and economics characteristics. In terms of teaching idea, promoting scientific research with practice, promoting faculty with scientific research, equal stress laid on faculty and research, scientific research and practice. In terms of student cultivation, wide caliber, thick foundation, strong capacity, innovation, high quality are highlighted and attention is paid to faculty and cultivation in economics, management, accounting and finance, financing and investment and financing, consuming behaviors of tourists, marketing, tourism enterprise management, service action management and market research, aiming to cultivate and improve studentscomprehensive operation and management quality.

The department has 6 teachers at present, including 2 professors and doctoral supervisors, 3 associate professors and 1 lecturer. 5 teachers have obtained doctoral degrees. A faculty team with multidisciplinary background such as regional economics, management, sociology and psychology as well as international vision and majority of teachers has abundant experience in training and consultative management of enterprises and government sectors.

The department attaches great importance to academic exchange at home and abroad and has close visit, exchange, lecture and participates in academic meeting in America, France, Hong Kong and Taiwan. At the same time, the School of Tourism Management also highlights cooperation with departments in tourism industry and has kept good education cooperation relationship with industrial sectors since establishment. The department has kept friendly cooperation relationship with scenic spots such as Sichuan Jiuzhaigou Valley, Huanglong, Sanxingdui, Wolong, Hainan Yanuoda, and famous hotels such as Sheraton Chengdu Lido Hotel, Mingshan Hotel Group and JinJiang Hotel. Long-term cooperation with famous tourism enterprises has promoted the development of faculty and scientific research of the School.