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Historical Development:

Department of Logistics Management of the university set up logistics management earlier in China and it has obtained remarkable achievements in management of supply chain, service operation management, logistics planning and other fields through stable development for several years. At present, it has a complete logistics management discipline system with rare authorized units of bachelor, master and doctoral degree in the central west region.

Introduction to Faculty:

Department of Logistics Management has a tremendous and first-class faculty team in China. At present, it has 11 teachers, including 10 teachers with doctoral degrees and 7 teachers as overseas doctoral students. The School of Logistics Management is led by Chen Bintong-Professor, Dean and Doctor of Wharton School, Chang Jiang Scholar of the Ministry of Education, and National Thousands of People Plan, including 7 professors and doctoral supervisors and 9 associate professors. The School of Logistics Management is dominated by young teachers, with strong academic impact capacity and innovative impetus of teaching reform. In recent years, professional teachers have obtained many national scientific research and faculty projects and published a lot of high-level achievements in international and domestic top-level journals including Management Science to produce extensive influence.

Teaching Idea:

The logistics management major holding new teaching idea aims to cultivate high-level, versatile and innovative talents and foster future management leaders in the field. Students learn basic theory and the latest practical operation of modern logistics and supply chain comprehensively and systematically to gradually form excellent professional quality and innovation capacity and train their overall thinking and strategic vision.

The department links social practice widely, actively participates in exchange at home and abroad, positively boosts conversion of teaching mode and has successively undertaken national teaching reform project "Operations Management Information Technology Reform", "Application of Project Teaching Method in Logistics Teaching" of China Logistics Association, experimental model lesson of the school, bilingual course and other significant projects of teaching reform; won teaching achievement awards for many times; established close relationship with Washington State University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University and several famous logistics enterprises. Many teachers are corporate consultants or governmental consultants, enabling teaching to satisfy demand of society and research and faculty of the School to be integrated in the latest international development.

Teaching Result:

Abundant resources of the major focus on fostering a class and meticulous cultivation brings remarkable result. The School has successively obtained national and provincial honors such as excellent class in recent years. Students of the School have obtained the first and the second prizes (ranking top three in the state) for five times in "National Contest On Logistics Design by University Students"-the supreme contest in the state and the design scheme has been highly praised by experts in the field and senior executives of enterprises and published formally; summer internship supported by enterprises has been completed and the research report (over 100 thousand characters) has been highly affirmed by enterprises.

Undergraduate students have published academic articles in logistics journal and the research results of some students have been adopted by international top-level academic meeting in the field under guidance of teachers. Postgraduate recommendation level of graduates, number of people going abroad for further study and employment in famous enterprise of the School are excellent. Students can be competent for jobs in professional logistics company, large production enterprise and fields related to supply chain finance after graduation; and pursue advanced study in famous colleges at home and abroad. Students of the major are highly acknowledged in domestic and foreign colleges and social fields and graduates are behind the requirement for many years.

Main Specialized Courses:

Operational research, modern logistics, operations management (national experiment course), supply chain management, transportation organization and management, logistics supply chain finance, operation design of financial enterprises, enterprise logistics planning, Flexsim simulation of logistics system, etc.

At present, with the advent of global operation and "integration of material flow, fund flow and information flow", the department integrates international resources by virtue of strategy "quality first and connotative development", and specially exploits three strategic emerging directions including "logistics supply chain finance", "financial enterprise service operation", "logistics service and e-commerce as well as e-payment" on the basis of design of logistics supply chain and service operation management.