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My semester abroad as an exchange student at the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics was a great, challenging and interesting experience, which I would do again without hesitating, if I would had again the possibility to cometo China. Back in my home country, I started to share my life-changing experience and to recommend SWUFE,which is a friendly and welcoming host university,to my friends and all other students from my university.

SWUFE offers a great support to their international students. My thanks are going to Ms. Catherine Zhou and all the staff from the International Office, which has helped us, at any time where we had questions concerning academic and administrative issues.

Furthermore, the buddy system at SWUFE is great. ISA, the International Student Association, has organized a lot of unforgettable events, which will stay forever in our minds. Some example are the culture night, the pottery activity, the cup song, the Christmas / New Year party…I would thank, as well, Klaus, my buddy, who was a great support during my stay in China and with who I could share nice moments during my time in Chengdu.

Generally speaking, all the students were very helpful and that the study atmosphere was very pleasant. The teaching quality was very good and the fact that the classes were also open to Chinese’s students offered a lot of possibilities for inter-cultural exchanges, where we could share opinionsand work on common tasks in our working groups.

The campus is large and offers a lot of possibilities to do sport activities or to join some other clubs. Moreover, the location of SWUFE in Chengdu,is a unique chance to see the fast evolution of this growing city. Chengdu, which has doubled the number of inhabitants in the last five years, passing from 7 million to 14 million inhabitants, remains nevertheless a nice and authentic city.

During the last five months I spent in China I had the opportunity to discover a complete different culture. The people were very open and helpful. Therefore the stay in China was very pleasant. We had the possibility to travel around China and visit the main cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Xi’an. Through such experiences I could see how rich and diverse the Chinese culture is.

All in all, I’m very happy to have been a part of such a nice exchange program.

Thank you so much for this niceexperience in China!

Paul Nirrengarten (from University of Hohenheim, exchange student at SBA SWUFE in autumn 2015 )

Friday, 14 March 2016