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University of Passau

Since opening its doors to the public in 1978, the University of Passau (UP) has quickly developed into a first address in German academia. The University regularly attains top positions in academic rankings, e.g. in Law, Business and Economics, Computer Science, Communication Studies, Political Science and Cultural Studies.

The University of Passau has four faculties: Arts and Humanities, Law, Computer Science and Mathematics, and Business Administration and Economics with 1497 total staff and 266 visiting lecturers. The university has co-operation agreements in place with 160 foreign universities in the world.

As an international university, the University of Passau is committed to promoting diversity and building an open cultural environment, embodying in its strict anti-discrimination policies and the promotion of gender equality. Due to the differences of gender, race, age, etc. in staff and students, to ensure the gender equality has become one of the core values of the university.

Many degree courses give students the chance to earn a double degree in cooperation with international partner universities, and all our students have access to a large range of language courses and student exchange programs. Our subject-specific language programs in Law, Business/Economics, Cultural Studies/International Relations and Computer Science/Mathematics ideally complement our students’ degree studies, and most of the courses in Law, Business Administration and Economics are set in the winter semester.

About 11,000 students and doctoral researchers from more than 80 countries are enrolled at the University of Passau. There are 11,316 (preliminary figure as of 30 Sep 2013) students, in which the number of international students is 795, including students from Austria, the Russian Federation, China PRC, Italy, France, Spain, Hungary and other nine countries. The student dormitory consists of about 600 rooms. The cafeteria can accommodate 560 people simultaneously with an average of 1,650 dishes served every day.

The University’s modern campus is located in the south-eastern part of Bavaria – Germany’s high-technology state – in verdant surroundings, a few minutes’ walk from the historic Old Town of Passau. Considered one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, Passau has a very low crime rate and offers an excellent standard of living in a politically stable and economically robust environment. For more information, please visit: http://www.uni-passau.de/en/.

Academic Calendar: http://www.uni-passau.de/en/study/getting-organised/academic-calendar/

Courses: http://www.uni-passau.de/en/study/study-options/course-catalogue/english-taught-courses/

Accommodation: http://www.uni-passau.de/en/international/coming-to-passau/

Download: Presentation: Faculty of Business and Economics_November 2014.pdf

Registration Deadline:

Spring: 10.30
Autumn: 04.30

Nomination Deadline:

Spring: 12.15

Autumn: 06.15

Exchange Period:

Spring: Mar-Sept

Autumn: Oct-Feb


1. Undergraduates or graduates;

2. GPA≥3.0;

3. TOEFL iBT≥80, IELTS≥6.0.

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