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Duksung Women’s University

Duksung Women’s University

Duksung Women’s University is the pride of a period as well as a sanctuary for learning consisting of history and tradition, value and leadership, and hope and desires of students. Now, the current and future society is the period of women, sensibility, harmony, and self-realization. With this trend, Duksung Women’s University has set a new moto of “Dare to Succeed”, meaning “Challenging Women, Succeeding Duksung” in Korean.

Facts and Figures:

History: Founded in 1920 as Geun-Hwa School

Founder: Ms. Cha Mirisa, who was an activist for national independence & women’s rights

Location: Seoul, Korea

- Ssangmun Campus : Main Office, Undergraduate Programs, Graduate School, and etc.

- Jongro Campus : Corporate Office, Graduate School of Professional Studies, School of Adult and Continuing Education, and etc.

Enrolled Students: Total 6,829

- Undergraduate Program: 6,431

- Graduate Program: 398

Faculty Members: 575

- Tenured Professors: 187

- Emeritus, Visiting Professors: 59

- Part-time Lecturers: 329

Staff Members (including contract employees) : 105

Academic Courses: 1321

Educational Philosophy & Object:

Educational Philosophy

The social responsibilities assigned to a university will remain unchanged ever although the way and the subjects of education are changing corresponding to the changes in the conditions surrounding the university. That is to say, its responsibility is to produce competent individuals who afford to enjoy their lives independently and at the same time contribute to the society they belong by building up the sound and wholesome personality, higher standards of intellectual ability and professional knowledge. So, hereunder or accordingly, we, Duksung University, pursue to foster the creative intellectuals with noble minds as our fundamental and eventual educational philosophy. A creative intellectual with noble minds refers to a whole human-being, possessing the capability of creative thinking and a moral sense, as well as qualified as a global citizen.

Educational Object

- Fostering creativeness

- Implanting the proper sense of values and living up to these

- Building up a competence as a global citizen

Educational Goals

- Building up a substantial educational foundation

- Extension of the general application capability

- Cultivation of the communication skills

- Cultivation of the valuation capability

- Fostering the sound citizenship

- Cultivation of the power of execution

- Understanding the national cultural heritages

- Enhancement of the ability understanding the various kinds of cultures

- Fostering the peace spirits of the humanities


Application Deadline: April 15 for Autumn Semester

Oct. 15 for Spring Semester

Requirement: GPA≥3.0

IELTS ≥6.0 or TOFEL ≥80

Target: Undergraduate (sophomore or above) and graduate student




德成女子大学是一所综合性大学,位于首尔中心, 创立于1920年的槿花女校,被评为“首尔校园最优美的大学”、“设计学术领域最优秀大学”、“一对一因材施教”的教育方式也深受欢迎。该校致力于培养女 性高等专业人才,就业率在韩国女子大学中排名第一,被指定为“女大学生职业开发中心”。

二.    联合培养模式


三.    选拔条件

1. 学习成绩优良,综合素质较高;

2. 交换学生需为全校一年级以上学生,本科生或研究生;

3. 学生本人自愿遵守学校选派的有关规定和要求;

4. 平均GPA≥3.0

5. 语言要求,IELTS 6.0以上或者TOFEL 80分以上


Financial Management

Marketing Management

Global Marketing Strategies

Accounting Seminar

Introduction to Trade English Conversation

Intermediate Trade English Conversation

International Negotiation

Trade Marketing

International Settlement


Statistical Data Structure

Decision Making

四.    具体选派方法


春季学期申请截止日期 10月15日

秋季学期申请截止日期 4月15日

五.    报名方式

1. 登录jhs.swufe.edu.cn,学生输入登录教务处的账号和密码,然后选择项目进行申请

2. 报名地点:通博楼A414工商管理学院 国际事务办公室

3. 联系及咨询方式:肖老师 8709 2285  email: xiaomj@swufe.edu.cn

六.    学生交流经验与感悟