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TIAS School for Business and Society

At TIAS School for Business and Society, we operate on the basis of the philosophy that economic success goes hand in hand with social progress. Business is society and society is business. You cannot have the one without the other. Businesses, authorities, and society are confronted with the challenge of devising solutions for the future in a co-creative process. TIAS facilitates them in their search in this new context.

"At TIAS, we do so by encouraging a critical and inquisitive approach," says dean and director, Prof. Kees Koedijk. "We have to ask different questions to find out how things really are. We search for answers with an impact on organizations, businesses, and society. A new leadership of men and women with a long-term perspective. Professionals who sense what society needs, who want to educate it in that respect, and who want to take part in it. And who understand that companies and institutions can only be successful when they also take their role in society instead of merely focusing on profits."


New perspectives do not only demand high-quality education, but also high-quality applied research. TIAS employs approximately 100 professors, all with extensive academic as well as practical experience.

Business school of Tilburg and Eindhoven

We are the business school of Tilburg University and  Eindhoven University of Technology. Both universities have a strong track record in technology, economy, management, and society. Each year, TIAS attracts 2400 participants from 25 countries with its broad portfolio of MBAs, (executive) Masters, custom programs, master classes, and PhDs. We have been doing so for more than 25 years.

Our study programs are rated as good by our participants, by an increasing number of organizations that opt for a custom program, and in media rankings. According to the Financial Times, TIAS is one of the top business schools in Europe.

More information on the official website of TIAS: www.tias.edu/en.

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1. Advanced undergraduates or graduates;

2. GPA≥3.2;

3. TOEFL iBT≥87, IELTS≥6.0.