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IPAG Business School

Paris, France (Exchange Program)

IPAG is a management school founded in 1965 by Jacques Rueff, who was a member of the French Academy and advisor to General de Gaulle. It prepares students for management positions in the business world. The school is characterized by its academic requirements and ongoing dialogue with actors in economic life.

The Group is an association under the French 1901 Act. It does not remunerate shareholders and is not dependent on any financial group. Its resources are provided by tuition fees and the apprenticeship tax. Its unique governance model guarantees the independence and transparency of its management.

IPAG is the only business school to have been founded by a member of the French Academy, the economist Jacques Rueff, and has stood out for its academic excellence for almost 50 years. This can be seen with the composition of a Board of Directors, chaired by François Delachaux, an industry leader and Honorary President of Medef Île-de-France.

More information on: http://www.ipag.fr/

Nomination Deadline:

Spring: 10.10

Autumn: 04.30

Registration Deadline:

Spring: 11.15

Autumn: 05.15

Exchange Period:

Spring: Feb-May

Autumn: Sep-Dec


1. Undergraduates or graduates;

2. GPA≥3.0;

3. TOEFL iBT≥80, IELTS≥6.0.