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International Students of SBA participated in 2016 Fall Sports Meeting

Updated : 2016-11-02

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The 2016 Fall Sports Meeting of SWUFE kicked off at 8:30 a.m. on October 28th in Chenxi Playground. Our international exchange students took an active part in the sports meeting though it was getting colder after Hoar-frost falls in Chengdu. Thomas SYLVAIN and Jean MAEGEY, our two exchange students from France, wore suit, holding the badge of School of Business Administration, stepped into the playground with the troop, showing their good character and passion.

Then, Mauric from Germany participated in Male High jump competition. As a German, he has good genes with his slender body and excellent jumping ability. Mauric was the only one student who enrolled in this competition and was given full of expectation by other Chinese and international students. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart, Mauric eventually surprisingly won the first prize with the height of 1.8 meters.

Men's 800 meter race kicked off in the Chenxi sports field later. Thomas was also involved owing to his advanced athletic ability. Leg-pressing, leg-raising, squatting, here comes a series of intense but orderly preparations. "Bang"! All athletes rushed forward almost at the same time with the starting gun! In the end, Thomas won the first prize with his consistent effort. Congratulations for our international students!

Not only Thomas and Mauric, Benjam from Belgium and Jean from France was also actively involved in the sports meeting. They took part in the men's 200m race and 5000m race competitions separately. Although failure to make ranking in the game, they did enjoy themselves in the sports meeting and experienced the joy of sports with Chinese students.

Sports meeting has come to an end, but the spirits of international and Chinese students struggling together never ends. No borders exists in sports, the friendship between international students and Chinese students will be much stronger. This experience becomes an unforgettable memory for SWUFE international students.