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New Year Party held successfully by ISA

Updated : 2016-12-27

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As New Year approaching, the International Students Association-ISA successfully held an annual New Year Party at the Banquet Hall in Minren Hotel on December 17th, 2016. International students from School of Business Administration, ISA members, invited representatives of other student clubs and guests were gathering together to celebrate the New Year of 2017. Everyone had conversations joyfully and spent an adorable night.

The New Year Party started at 7pm. Invited guests were coming one after another and had photos taken in front of the “Chinese Style” photo area. Wearing exquisite dress and suit, both Chinese and international students were enjoying the formal party.

After the warming up was the game time. The first game was a game requiring fast reactions and acute observation. Students required hugging together in a certain number of people when the music stops. This game greatly narrowed the gap between everyone who was not as shy and reserved as they were at the beginning.

The second game made the atmosphere more active. We were divided into eight groups randomly and follow the instruction paper to complete several astonishing tasks. Every group member became more intimate with each other due to this game.

Game mingled with delicacy, the New Year Party came to an end. Everyone was dancing improvisatorially and singing and even beat boxing with others. Good times always pass quickly but fond recollections of the New Year Party would always left in everyone’s mind.

Let’s greet the New Year together! Happy New Year of 2017!