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Hanpeng ZHANG
Major:Loqistics Management
Title:Associate Professor

Education Background

2004 - 2007 Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics          Ph.D

Research Area

Research Area:Decision and Behaviour

Refereed Publications

Journal Article

[1] Electronic Markets:Mood and Social Presence on Consumer Purchase Behaviour in C2C E-Commerce in Chinese Culture;2012

[2] Chinese Journal of Management Science:Product Development  Risk Model and Simulation Based on DSM ;2007

[3] Concurrent Engineering: Research & Applications , 2006.14(4) : 305-311:An Approach to Measuring Coupled Tasks Strength and Sequencing of Coupled Tasks in New Product Development;2006

Meetings/seminars papers

[1] E-Search on Centralized Supply Chain of Buy Back and Target Rebate Contract Based on Price Postponement Policy;2010.08

[2] Supply Chain Collaboration Based on Information Sharing: A Comparative Study;2009.12

Research Projects

[1] Study on the Relationship Between the Consumption Patterns of  "C2C"  and Consumer Trust;2009/06 - 2011/12

[2] Risk Management Theory and Method toward Products Development Process;2009/01 - 2011/12

Academic Book Authored

[1] Beijing Chemical Industry Press:Quantitative Methods of Project Management ;2010