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Jiafei JIN
Major:Enterprise Management
Title:Associate Professor
Associate Professor, Doctor Mentor Main Course: 'Human Resource Management'

Education Background

2005/10 - 2009/06    University of  Bristol      Ph.D
2004/09 - 2005/09    University of  Leeds Master

2003/09 - 2004/07    University of  Leeds      Bachelor

Research Area

Research Area:International Human Resource Mangement, Gender, Women's Career, Work Family Conflict and Enrichment, Guanxi and Employees' Work Attitudes.

Refereed Publications

Journal Article

[1] Journal of Product Innovation:CEOs’ transformational leadership and product innovation performance: The roles of corporate 2014

[2] cta Psychologica Sinica:Comparison of Role Stress, Work Family Conflict and Mental Depression Between China and the United State - The Adjustment of the Social Support;2014

[3] Scientific Research Management:The Conflict Between Work Time and Work Family: Based on the Research of Gender differences; 2014

[4] Asian Pacific Journal of Human Resources Management:Understanding Chinese non-managerial employees’ response to western HRM: Changes in turnover intention 2013

[5] Journal of Information Systems :IT Capability and Organizational Performance: The Roles of Business Process Agility and Environmental Factors 2013

[6] European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology:Incongruence between workload and occupational norms for time pressure predicts the experience and onset of depressive symptoms 2013

[7] Journal of Business Ethics :The Impact of Human Resource Management on Environmental Performance: An Employee-Level Study 2013

[8] International Journal of Global Information and Technology Management :Information privacy and affective commitment in work organizations in China 2013

[9] International Journal of Information Management Volume 33, Issue 6:Information Privacy, Gender and intrinsic motivation in work organization in China 2013

[10] Communications of the Association for Information Systems:IT Capabilities and Innovation Performance” The Mediating Role of Market Orientation 2013

[11] Journal of Business Ethics.:Asymmetric differences in work-family spillover in north America and China: results fom two heterogeneous samples 2012

[12] International Journal of Human Resource Management. : When East meets West: Interaction effects of organisational ownership structure, gender and (un)met expectations on workers’ attitudes in China 2012

Research Projects

[1] National Scoial Science Fund: Human Resource Management in China Company Transnational Operation, 12CGL053,  Project Leader;2012.06 - 2015.06

[2] Sichuan Province Social Science Fund: Sichuan Enterprises' Outword Investment and its Human Resource Management, SC10BO22.Project Leader.2011.01 - 2013.12

[3] Social Science Fund of the Ministry of Education Chinese Enterprises Outward Investment and its Human Resource Management, 10YJ630102, Project Leader;2011.01 - 2013.12

[4] National Scoial Science Fund: Chinese Enterprises Outward Investment and its Human Resource Management, 10CGL016,  Key Resercher.2010.09 - 2013.12

[5] Southerwestern University of Economics and Finance 211 Project: Work Family Conflict and Enrichment, 211QN10102, Project Leader. 2010.11 - 2013.11