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Guoping HU
Major:Industrial Economics
Title:Associate Professor

Education Background

2006/09 - 2009/06   Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Ph.D
2003/09 - 2006/07   Southwestern University of Finance and Economics    Master

1999/09 - 2003/07   Southwestern University of Finance and Economics    Bachelor

Research Area

Research Area:Industrial Structure and Industrial Development, Industrial Analysis, Stability of Industrial Chains

Refereed Publications

Journal Article

[1] China National Conditions and Strength:The Evaluation and Study of the Development Environment for Small and Micro Enterprises ;2013

[2] Social Scientist:The Study of Villagers' Representatives Behavior in Land Requisition: A Perspective Based on Game Analysis;2013

[3] Investment Research:The Impact of FDI in Service Industry on the Manufacturing Efficiency: Based on the Perspective of Correlation Effect ;2013

[4] China Labor:A Study on the Relation between Changes in Wages and Industrial Development ;2012

[5] Macroeconomic Study:Mechanism and Factors of the Service Industry's Outward Development in Cities-Based Research of Panel Data from 15 Sub-provincial Cities in our Country from 1999 to 2008. Macroeconomic Research ;2012

[6] Macroeconomic Study:A Study on the Internal Diffusion of Service Industry of Big Cities - Based on the Industry's Diversity ;2012

[7] Consumer Economics:Macro-analysis of the Sustainability of Consumption in Sichuan and Its Optimization;2009

[8] The Situation in Sichuan Province:Development of the Newly Emerging Industries in Chengdu;2009

[9] China Industrial Economy:A Study on Industries’ Interaction in Comprehensive Coordination between Urban and Rural Areas;2008

[10] Economic and Social System Comparison :Mechanism Stability of Industrial Chain: On the View of Parallel Perspective pf Symboisis Theory;2008

[11] Graduate Forum:A Construction and Analysis of Capital Investment and Financing in Parallel Coupled Chain System;2005

Meetings/seminars papers

[1] Internal Diffusion of Urban Service Industry;2010.12

[2] From Advocating Free Competition to Pursuing the Global Competitiveness - The Changes of U.S. Industrial Organization Policy and the Reflection on China’s Macroeconomic Management (China Macro-Economic Management Education Association);2010.07

[3] The 30th Anniversary Celebration of China Industrial Economic Association and China Industrial Economic Development Review and Outlook Seminar: Development of Provincial Regional Industry by Leaps and Bounds - Take Sichuan Province 'Four Cross' as an example;2008.10

[4] Management Theory and Application of Cross-strait Seminar (Chung Yuan Christian University (Taiwan) and Southwestern University of Finance and Economics sponsored): To Explore the Regulation of Personal Income Distribution;2005.05

Research Projects

[1] Interaction Between Advertising Industry and New Media E-commerce;2013 - 2013

[2] To Explore the Path to Implement "Industry Multiplier" Strategy;2013 - 2013

[3] Status, Areas of Development and Goals of Industrial Economics;2013 - 2013

[4] The Comparative Advantage of Undertaking Industrial Transfer in Sichuan;2012 - 2013

[5] The Comparative Advantage of Undertaking Industrial Transfer in Sichuan;2012-2012

[6] Industry Development Plan of Da Dukou District Government;2012

[7] The Outward Development of Service Industry in the Large Cities of Our Country;2012

[8] Extraversion of Service Industry in China's Cities;2010 - 2011

[9] Development of Service Industry in Qingyang Distri;2009 - 2010

[10] The Research on the Development of New Economic in Aba During the 12th Five-Year Plan Period, Subject to Tender in Aba During the Early Period of the 12th Five-Year Plan;2009 - 2010

[11] To Speed up the Development of New Industries and to Ajust the Industrial Structure During the 12th Five-Year Plan Period,Chengdu NDRC "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" Significant Pre-tTender Subject, Sub-Project Leader;2009 - 2010

[12] A Comparative Study of the Development of  Large Enterprises and Big Industry in Sichuan, Provincial Subject of Agriculture Census in Sichuan in 2008, Penner;2008 - 2008

[13] A Series of Studies about Scientific Development as A Guide to Accelerate Sichuan "four across", Philosophy and Social Sciences in 2007, Sichuan Province, a Major Issue Tenders, Sub-ProjectLleader;2007 - 2008