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Jianyu ZHANG
Marketing, Marketing Research, Marketing Research Literature, Consumer Behavior Research, Marketing Channels (Undergraduate, MBA, Master and PhD students)

Education Background

1999/09 - 2003/12  Southwestern University of Finance and Economics    Ph.D

1979/09 - 1983/07  Southwestern University of Finance and Economics    Bachelor

Research Area

Research Area:Business to Business Marketing, Consumer Behaviour

Refereed Publications

Journal Article

[1] China Sport Science:The Impact of Match on Sponsor Brand Evaluation in Sport-event Sponsorship - A Prospective of Construal Level Theory;2014.04

[2] Consumer Economy:Consumers' Online Review's Impact on Website's Brand Loyalty;2013.12

[3] Consumer Economy:Comparison of Sports Purchasing Experience and Actions of Different Social Stratum;2012.12

[4] Economics Information:Social Network's Impact on Employees' Initiatives;2011.11

[5] Consumer Economy:Benchmark Community for Consumption Value Differences in the Context of Chinese Culture;2011.02

[6] Economics Information:Consumer's Self Brand Relationship Research Literature Review;2010.10

[7] Si Chuan Socialist College Journal:From Consumption Economics to Promotion of Low-Carbon Economy of Sichuan Province;2010.02

[8] Economics Information:Benchmark Community, Cognitive Style and Consumer Purchasing Decision - A Behavior Economics Perspective;2009.11

[9] Consumer Economy:the Macro-Analysis and Optimization of the Sustainability of Si Chuan Consumers' Behavior;2009.04

[10] Economics Information:Literature Review: Consumers' Fake Purchasing Behavior;2009.02

Meetings/seminars papers

[1] National Sports Science Conference ;2011

[2] China International Sporting Goods Show and Development of Sporting Goods Forum;2006