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Briefing of Alumni Center

SWUFE School of Business Administration (SBA) Alumni Center was established in March 2009. It is in charge of the organization, coordination and connection among the alumni of SBA under the guidance of the school. It is designed to serve our alumni, strengthen the contacts between alumni and the school via various approaches and promote exchanges among alumni so as to make contribution to the development of SBA as well as our alumni. To be specific, its work is:

1. Formulating the regulations of work related to alumni, collecting and arranging their information, launching a dynamic database and archive for them, and publishing the alumni yearbooks.

2. Setting up the alumni website, founding a regular journal for communication, and creating conditions actively to optimize the environment for fellowship

3. Building, instructing and contacting the alumni branches in various regions according to job requirements, organizing major alumni events, and assisting leaders of the school to visit alumni.

4. Coordinating the resources within the school to support or help alumni so as to meet their needs in different ages and at different levels

5. Taking advantage of various resources to organize various events, developing and introducing resources of alumni, establishing alumni funds, cooperative program, etc. and promoting the development of the school and alumni

6. Convening alumni work conferences of the school and branch conferences in different regions and industries annually, reporting the situation of SWUFE, SBA and alumni work, exchanging information, and planning work in the next year.

7. Carrying out scheduled and unscheduled visiting work, compiling the Records of Alumni, Events of Alumni, yearbook and other related materials.

8. Striving to finish other tasks assigned by SWUFE Alumni Association and SBA

People to Contact :Mr.Gui, Ms.Fang

Tel: 028—87099180

E-mail: xiaoyou@swufe.edu.cn

Add:1st Floor, Guanghua Building. Guanghuacun Road NO.55, Chengdu.