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Dean's message


It is a great honor for SWUFE to stand at the forefront of management education always in western China contributing to China's reform and opening up. Owning the first MBA program, EMBA program, and doctoral programs for Management and Industrial Economics, we have many prominent teachers integrating theories with practice and distinguished alumni affected by the rich history and unique culture of finance and economics. Based in the West, SBA pledges to train managers and elites proficient in local practice with a broad international perspective, a good financial sense, outstanding professional qualities, entrepreneurship and competitiveness.

With internationalized thoughts and localized practice, we have the most international faculty of business administration in southwestern China. With the help of the Wharton School, University of Oxford, University of Delaware, Goldman Sachs, Disney and other high-end international partners, we offer international general management knowledge and broad global perspective and in-depth international practice experience to MBA students. The custom of benefiting people and serving the society in SWUFE helps to create influential government, corporate think tanks and social think banks. The best local faculty in southwest well versed in business management with rich practical experience teaches students the vivid management experience and localized knowledge; the distinguished alumni and outstanding services boost their career development.

It was our excellent students who give us confidence. Their outstanding performance allows us to see their sharing of fruits of economic growth and educational development and their effort to change the society by knowledge and the sense of responsibility. It was our passionate and sincere teachers who give us confidence. With a deep sense of mission and the integration of theories and practice. They build an interactive platform for SWUFE and enterprises, sowing the seeds of hope.

Under the joint efforts of the school and alumni, SBA will surely become the social platform for alumni, the interactive platform for SWUFE and enterprises, the tie linking students and the place for lifelong learning. Choosing SBA means choosing to learn general management knowledge so as to broaden the horizon, enhance the depth of development rather than transmit information and knowledge simply as well as superficial internship, keep up with the world management academic front and participate in the practice of business administration in China so as to sublimate the thoughts, foster abilities and enhance qualities and sanity so as to enrich the life.

The sight determines how rich you will be. The choice determines which way you may take. Knowledge can change your fate, and dreams can enlighten your life. We are sure that there will be more talented people entering the society with the origin of SBA. They will become the new managers and entrepreneurs equipped with intelligence, improved personality and complete skills coming upon the stage of world economy. Together with them, we can witness how SBA changes our lives, organizations and society.