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Undergraduate Programs


(1)Enterprise Management

This major is based on Economics and Management in SWUFE with a long history and rich experience. It aims at equipping the students with theories on modern management and economics, and good skills on computer and foreign language. Through the combination of General Education and Professional Education, this major emphasize on practical teaching to cultivate students the ability of lifelong learning, highly-developed sense of social responsibility and the confidence to face the challenge.

Learning Objectives

Master the theories on modern management and economics systematically and correctly

Receive the fundamental training on enterprise management analysis and skills

Grasp the qualitative analysis method and quantitative analysis method of enterprise management

Be equipped with the ability of analyzing and solving management problems

Be a good communicator with quick response and good literal and verbal ability

Be familiar with the advanced theories and development trends about this major

Master a foreign language

Know how to retrieve literature and data

Be equipped with the ability of primary scientific research and practice


Public elementary courses: Philosophical Principle of Marxism, Calculus, English, and Computer Basis

Liberal arts courses: the General Theory of Sociology, an Introduction to Law and College Physics

Elementary courses of major disciplines: Modern Management, Macroeconomics, Accounting Principles, Principle of Statistics, Managerial Economics, Marketing Principles and Industrial Economics

Professional courses: Strategic Management, Organizational Behavior, Human Resources Management, Production and Operation Management, Financial Management, Management Information System and Supply Chain Logistics Management

Cultural quality courses: History and Culture, Science and Method and Literature and Arts

Kinds of jobs after graduating

The graduates might start as supervisor in business enterprise, public institution and government sector or consultant and planner in consulting company. Meanwhile,for its rich discipline system, this major has the future education platform for graduates who have future study potential.

(2) Marketing

This major is based on Economics and Management in SWUFE aiming at cultivating marketing and management talents with economic management ability.

Learning Objectives

Be equipped with profound basis on Economics and Marketing theories

Be familiar with marketing management skills and working method

Have good ability of market research, information collecting and dealing, marketing planning and decision making

Know how to carry out marketing management work

Master the application of scientific decision software and professional English

Courses (Advertising Management Direction)

Financial Management, Introduction to Advertising, Professional Advertising Design, Advertising Operation and Management, Consumer Behavior, Market Research, Advertising History and Classic Cases, Advertising Effect Research, Computer Graphic Design, Public Relations, Advertising Psychology, Product Packaging and Decoration and Advertising Planning and Originality

Kinds of jobs after graduating

The graduates might start at an organization or management position in Business Enterprise, Financial Institution and Foreign Trade Company. They might also work in Advertisement Company, Consulting Company or Circulation Management Sector and Research Institute in government.

(3) Tourism Management

For various management courses and advanced faculty in SWUFE especially in School of Business Administration, this major aims to nurture operation and management concepts and tourism operation management skills for students.

Learning Objectives

Universality on future Tourism and Services

Be equipped with Tourism Economic Management theories

Relatively high level foreign language

Understand the tourism development and operation model both in China and abroad

Be familiar with the tourism policy, and law in China and international tourism operation system

Be equipped with professional skills through practice


Professional elementary courses: Management, Economics, Accounting Principles, Marketing and Principle of Statistics

Professional major courses: Hotel Management, Tourism Resources Development and Planning, Tourism Culture, Tourism Economics and Restaurant Management

Four professional elective courses: Tourism Psychology, Human Resources Management, Industrial Economics and Tourism Service Management

Several professional practical courses

Short-term practice in famous enterprise

Kinds of jobs after graduating

The graduates might work in Tourism Corporation, Public Institution, Government Sector and domestic and international Service Enterprise.

(4) Logistics Management

This is an emerging discipline integrating Management, Economics, Engineering and Science. It aims at equipping the students with theories and research methods on Modern Business Administration, Management Science, Economics and Law. After learning, the students should have technological skills, interpersonal skills and conceptual skills, qualified to work in Business Enterprises, Social Organizations and Government Sectors for management, teaching and researching.

Learning Objectives

Be equipped with knowledge on Logistics and Supply Chain Management or other relative disciplines

Master various business and skills on transportation, storage and delivery

Grasp the modern information technology methods

Be qualified to work in logistics management field for planning, design, management and informatization

Have good ability in practical operation


Major courses: Management, Economics, Higher Mathematics, Modern Logistics, Technological Economics, Logistics System Planning, Management Information System, Database Principles, System Engineering, Operations Research, Transportation Management, Basis of Computer Application, Projects Management, Purchasing and Supply Management and Marketing

Enterprise Understanding and Production Practice

Professional practice: Logistics Information System Design and Logistics System Planning and Design