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Yi LIAOMajor:Loqistics ManagementTitle:Associate ProfessorE-mail:Yiliao@swufe.edu.cnCourses:

Supply Logistics Management, Operations Management,

Education Background

2006-2011 Drexel UniversityPh.D

2004-2005 University of Connecticut Master

1997-2001 Sichuan UniversityBachelor

Research Area

Research Area:Operations Management

Refereed Publications

Journal Article

[1]Journal of Business Ethics:Work–Family Effects of Ethical Leadership;In Press

[2]Expert Systems with Applications:Heuristics for solving an internet retailer’s dynamic transshipment problem;2014

[3]OMEGA:Multi-product lot scheduling with backordering and shelf-life constraints;2013

[4]International Journal of Production Economics :A distribution-free newsvendor model with balking and lost sales penalty;2011

[5]Technology and Management: Two Pillars of Success:A Supply Chain Co-Ordination Model with Shifting Demand in a JIT Environment;2008

Meetings/seminars papers

[1] Shen, W., Hu, X., &Liao, Yi., “Lateral Transshipment with Customer Switching”, Proceedings of Northeast DSI 2010 Conference Mar 2010

Research Projects

[1] Host: A Study of Transportation Transfer, National Natural Science Fund (71331004);2014-2016

[2] Primary research: A Study of Customer Behavior in the Online Retail market, National Natural Science Fund(71271172);2013-2015

[3]Primary research: A Study of Regarding Customer Choice in Operation Strategy and Competition Strategy of Service System, National Natural Science Fund (71201128);2013-2015

Academic Book Authored

[1]InTech:Engineering Management--Comparisons of Lateral Transshipment with Emergency Order Policies;2013.03