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Xuming PAN

Xuming PANMajor:Enterprise ManagementTitle:Associate ProfessorE-mail:panxm@swufe.edu.cn

Education Background

2003/09 - 2008/06 Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Ph.D

1990/06 - 1988/09 Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Master

Research Area

Research Area:Organization Theory, Strategic Management

Refereed Publications

Journal Article

[1]Macroeconomics:Comparative Advantages, Urban Circle Layer and Coordinating Development in Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Region;2011

[2]Finance & Economics:Innovation of Inter-organizational Cooperation : Based on the Organizational Patterns;2009

[3]The Economist:A Study of Inter-organizational Cooperation: Based on Relational Embeddeness;2008

[4]Ecological Economy:Break Urban-rural Economic Intergration and Dual Structure;2008

[5]Economic Review:A Study of Cross-organization Learning and Knowledge Transfer Mechanism ;2007

[6]Commercial Times:A Study of Conspicuous Consumption from Social Economic Perspective;2007

[7]Finance & Economics:Credit Mechanism of Strategic Alliance: Based on Social Network;2006

[8]Commercial Research:An Analysis of Technological Innovation Factors and Patterns in the Network Environment ;2006

Academic Book Authored

[1]Chongqing University Press:A Study of Inter-firm Organizations' Value Innovation;2010.10