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Xiaoming ZHOU

Xiaoming ZHOUMajor:MarketingTitle:Associate ProfessorE-mail:karel_sun88@swufe.edu.cnCourses:

Associate Professor in Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, mainly responsible for the course of "Financial Service Marketing"

Education Background

2003/09 - 2008/07 Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Ph.D

1985/09 - 1988/07 Southwest Agricultural University Master

1981/09 - 1985/07 Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Bachelor

Research Area

Research Area:Mainly engaged in Financial Marketing, Media Management and Advertising Planning Research

Refereed Publications

Journal Article

[1]Finance and Economics:Local Government Debt: Sbprime Mortgage Crisis in China;2013.09

[2]China Finance:Countermeasures to China Farmers Small Loan: Discussion Starting from Mohammed. Yunus, the Nobel Peace Prize Winner;2007.01

[3]Rural Economy:The Issues of Agriculture in Sustainable Economic Development of China;2006.12

[4]Marketing Herald:Financial Development in State-owned Commercial Banks:Service Marketing and Brand Promotion ;2006.10

[5]Marketing Herald:The Way of Financial Development in State-owned Commercial Banks;2006.05

[6]Science & Technology for China's Mass Media:A Discussion on Chinese Media Products from Super Girls ;2006.10

[7]The North media:Chinese Media Identity: From the Operation of Super Girls;2006.04

[8]Finance and Economics:Personal Investment: Driving Force of Financial Innovation in China;2005.06

[9]Rural Economy:Labor Export in Western China;2004.12

[10]Rural Economy:Economic Reflections on Three Rural Issues ;2004.10

[11]Financial Computer of China:Application of Decision Tree Method in Bank Customer Credit Evaluation;2003.12

[12]Financial Computer of Huanan:Logistic Analysis of Factors of Customer Credit Risk;2003.10

[13]Finance and Economics:Solutions for the Security System of the Bank E-commerce;2002.06

[14]City Development and Reform:The Evaluation of Listed Companies in Sichuan Province at the End of the 20th Century;2000.03

[15]Economic Review:The Improvement of China's Security Market Structure and its Expansion;1999.11

[16]The Way to Wealth :China Enterprises: the Sun and the Meteor;1997.01

[17]Economic Review:The Price of Agricultural Products and Inflation;1996.01

[18]Reform of the Economic System:Agricultural Issues in the Process of China's Industrialization;1996.06

[19]Finance and Economics:The Development of Sichuan Township Enterprises: Challenges and New Ideas;1995.01

[20]Rural Economy:A Few Ideas on the Township Enterprises;1995.04

[21]Reform of the Economic System:The Hierarchical Structure of Rural Industrial Enterprises;1995.05

[22]Economic News:Nobel Economics Winner and Theory of Game;1995.11

Research Projects

[1]The subject of the Ministry of Rural of State Council Development Research Center ,"Research on the Financing Problem of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises";In Progress

[2]The 10th "Five-Year" Key National Projects of Science and Technology, "The Electronic Banking System";2003 (Completed)

[3]Philosophy and Social Science Rojects in Sichuan Province, "Study on Farmers and Township Enterprises Financing Problem of Sichuan";In Progress

[4]School Subject, China Media and its Marketing: Viewing from the Operation of the "Super Girls";2007 (Completed)

[5]The Subject of the Ministry of Rural, "The Effect of Migrant Workers from Midwest Rural Area of China on Income of Farmers";2002 (Completed)

[6]The subject of the Ministry of rural, "Research on Credit Guarantee for Township Enterprise";2001 (Completed)

[7]Financial Center Project; "Research on Development of Capital Market under the Condition of Knowledge Economy";2001 (Completed)

[8]"211" project; "Research on the Strategy of Development of our Country's Knowledge Economy";2000(Completed)

[9]Key project inSichuan Academy of Social Sciences; "Study on the Basic Characteristics and Countermeasures of the New Stage of Agricultural Development in China"2000(Completed)

[10]School subject; "Research on the Development of Investment Fund";1997(Completed)

[11]School subject; "Recreating the Relationship Between banks and Enterprises and Promoting Enterprise Reform";1999(Completed)

[12]Research project of People's Bank of China; "Study on the Problem of the Standardization and Supervisionand in China Securities Market";1999(Completed)

[13]"211" project; "The Research on Normative Operation of Rural Fund Cooperation";1996(Completed)

[14]School subject; "Countermeasures for Township Enterprises on the New Level in Sichuan Province";1995(Completed)

[15]Key project Sichuan Province; "Researching on How to Promoting Technology Progress of Town and Township Enterprises in Chengdu";1994(Completed)

Academic Book Authored

[1]Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Press:The Study of Personal Financial Problems in the Economic Development of Chinese;2009

[2]Chengdu: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Press:Economics of Securitization;1996

[3]Chengdu: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Press:Stock Cooperative Economy;1997

[4]Democracy and Construction Press:The Joint-stock Restructuring Operation;1998

[5]Chengdu: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Press:Operation and Management of Agricultural Bank, Agriculture Development Bank, Rural Cooperative Bank;196.08

[6]Chinese Planned Economy Press:Nobel Economics Laureate Interview- Comments on Chinese Economy and Economic Development;1995

[7]Study on Western Expansion of China;2000.03