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Xiaofei TANG

Xiaofei TANGMajor:MarketingTitle:ProfessorE-mail:txf051974@163.comCourses:

Financial Management, Doctoral supervisor, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Education Background

2005/03 - 2007/11 Southwest Jiaotong University Ph.D

2003/03 - 2004/10 Southwest Jiaotong University (MBA) Master

1998/09 - 2001/06 Dalian Naval Academy Bachelor

Research Area

Research Area:Brand Strategy

Refereed Publications

Journal Article

[1] Technology Progress and Policy(CSSCI):Application of Marketing Resources Efficient Allocation in a CRMStrategy;2005

[2] Statistics and Decision(CSSCI):The Impact of the Relation Quality and Relation Type Combination on Relation Value;2006

[3] China's Industrial Economy(CSSCI):An Empirical Study of the Correlations between Price Promotion and D&B Loyalty;2006

[4] Marketing Science:An Empirical Study of Investment Value of Chinese Guanxi;2006

[5] Forecast(CSSCI):Analysis of the Internal Mechanism in the Impact of Win Back Srategy on Consumer Behavior;2007

[6] Management World(CSSCI):A Comparative Study of the Value of the Relationship Between Investment and Price Promotions;2007

[7] Statistics and Decision(CSSCI):The Impact of Win Back Strategy on Manufacturers' Performance ;2007

[8] China Industrial Economics(CSSCI):Research on Consumer Behaviors for Cognitive versus Affective Loyalty;2008

[9] Research Management(CSSCI):A Comparative Study of the Impact of Win Back Strategy on Customer Loyalty;2009

[10] Management World(CSSCI):Remedies for Customer Satisfaction When Poor Staff Attitude or Unfair Price Occur;2009

[11] Forecast(CSSCI):Countermeasures of the Collapse and Reshape of Consumer Confidence in the Brand;2010

[12] Nankai Business Review(CSSCI):An Empirical Study: How CRM Win Back Strategy Influence Consumer Satisfaction and Share of Wallet;2009

[13] Economics Perspectives(CSSCI):Literature Review: the Research on Optimal Size of Government ;2011

[14] Management World(CSSCI):The Impact of Remedial Time and Personal Characteristics on the Performance of Recovery;2011

[15] Journal of Internet and Enterprise Management(EI):The Dynamics of a Virtual Community during a Natural Disaster: A Network Analysis, International;2012

Research Projects

[1]Excellent Living Index in Modern Garden Cities (RMB50,000.00);2010/03 - 2010/10

[2]Strategic Planning of Urban Development of Nanxi Village (RMB800,000.00);2009/02 - 2010/06

[3]Research on Brand Development Strategy of Service Industry of Chengdu City (RMB90,000.00);2009/12 - 2010/09

[4]The Development Strategy of Luolong Industrial Park in Yibin (RMB1,000,000.00);2009/08 - 2010/08

[5]The Development Strategy of the Food Industry in Nanxi Village(RMB680,000.00);2010/04 - 2010/08

[6]The Development Strategy of International Panda High-end Tourist Resort (RMB150,000.00);2010/08 - 2010/09

[7]The Service District Distribution Plan of Xindu(RMB150,000.00);2010/04 - 2010/06

[8]Nanxi Village Street Naming Plan (RMB50,000.00);2011/08 - 2011/10

[9]Strategic Positioning of Nanhe Zutuan Real Estate Project in Nanhe, Guangyuan (RMB230,000.00);2011/09 - 2011/10

[10]The Development Strategy and Industrial Planning of Hesheng Town in Wenjiang District (RMB300,000.00);2011/09 - 2011/10

[11]Southwestern University of Finance and Economics University-Level Project (Psychology and Behavior of Victims After Earthquake) (RMB3,000.00);2008/09 - 2008/12

[12]Southwestern University of Finance and Economics University-Level Project (Study on the Evolution and Remodeling Consumer Brand Trust) (RMB6,000.00);2010/03 - 2010/03

[13]Higher Education Institution Young Teachers Foundation Support (RMB50,000.00);2012/09 - 2013/09

[14]Trimeresurus Tea Brand Research and Promotion (RMB50,000.00);2012/06 - 2012/09

[15]China Langjiu Brand Promotion Plan (RMB50,000.00);2012/06 - 2012/09

[16]Daying Village Cultural Industry Park Investment Attraction Manual;2012/02 - 2012/08

[17]Daying Village National Cultural Industry Park: National Model Demonstration Zone Application Feasibility Study;2012/02 - 2012/06

[18]The development and feasibility study of rare and precious timber of Daying Village;2012/02 - 2012/06

[19]The Development and Feasibility Study Report of Ecological Agriculture in Daying Village;2012/02 - 2012/06

[20]The Development and Feasibility Study Report of Cultural Industry Park in Daying Village (RMB1,600,000.00);2012/02 - 2012/04

[21]Agricultural Bank of China Credit Process Optimization (RMB1,000,000.00);2011/12 - 2012/03

[22]Southwest Food Logistics Industrial Park Feasibility Study Report (RMB100,000.00);2011/12 - 2012/03

[23]Southwest Food Logistics Industrial Park Investment Attraction Planning (RMB150,000.00);2011/12 - 2012/03

[24]Southwest Food Logistics Industrial Park Plan and Controlling Detailed Planning Report (RMB680,000.00);2011/12 - 2012/03

[25]Natural Science Foundation (The Model of the Matching of Remedial Time and Coping Strategy) (RMB189,000.00);2011/01 - 2012/12

Academic Book Authored

[1] China Machinery Industry Press: Financial Marketing;2010

[2] China Machinery Industry Press:Financial Services Marketing ;2010

[3] China Machinery Industry Press:Market Research Methods and Applications;2012