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Yuanxia GAN

Yuanxia GANMajor:Enterprise ManagementTitle:LecturerE-mail:yxg@swufe.edu.cnCourses:

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Lecturer, Master Tutor, Mainly for the Course Management, The Organization Ethology

Education Background

2006/09 - 2012/12 Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Ph.D

1996/09 - 1999/07 Southwestern University of Finance and Economics Master

1990/09 - 1993/07 Fuling Teachers College Bachelor

Research Area

Research Area:Organizational Behaviour, Business Management

Refereed Publications

Journal Article

[1] Critical theory in management review:Foreign economics & management 2013(1)

[2] Knowledge management perspective and theoretic genres redux :Contemporary economic management 2009(10)

[3] Knowledge management of eastern and western theory of schools of comparison :Comparative management 2009(1)

[4] Inflation the ideas of the welfare cost of development and enlightenment :Financial research

[5] The value of customer relationship discrimination :Journal of the Southwest National University 2005(8)

Meetings/seminars papers

[1] In xinjiang to participate in the Chinese human resources development teaching and practical research association annual meeting , submit papers research on the relationships among leadership style,job stress and job satisfaction 2013(8)

[2] In "the global economy in nanchang crisis situation of the enterprise development" and the 1st China comparative management symposium, China enterprise management research, economic management press, "comparative management" sponsored newsroom 2009(5)

[3] In chengdu cross-strait management in theory and application of the seminar, conference papers submitted to introduce economic capital management, improve our country commercial bank value management level 2006(3)

[4] In hangzhou to participate in the Chinese enterprise management research association annual meeting and 2005 China international symposium on corporate social responsibility ", Chinese enterprise management research, submit papers sponsored the enterprise business ethics: development status, problems and future outlook 2005(12)

[5] In chengdu cross-strait conference in management, submit the first annual meeting in merger and acquisition thesis "article" cultural problems 2002(10)

Research Projects

[1] The national social science fund issues (2007) : "enterprise harmonious labor relations," the microscopic mechanism of senate grinds

Teaching Materials and Others

[1] Human resources management :Tsinghua university press, Beijing jiaotong university press 2006(9)

[2] Human resources management case sets:Southwestern University of Finance and Economics press 2006(6)

[3] Public relations :Southwestern University of Finance and Economics press 2004(11)

[4] Consumer psychology :Southwestern University of Finance and Economics press 2013(11)