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Nomination & Application


Partner universities should nominate their exchange students by email before the nomination deadline, 30 April for autumn semester and 30 October for spring semester.

The nomination email should contain the Nomination Form with  following information on the nominee: last name, first name, gender, date of birth, email address, Bachelor's or Master's student, major/field of study, semester student wishes to study at SWUFE.

Download:      Nomination Form.xlsx


All nominees should submit their applications online during 1 April - 31 May for autumn semester and1 October - 30 November for spring semester.

Online application website:https://swufe.17gz.org/.

For students holding Chinese passport, please download the Application Form for Exchange Programme and send the programme coordinator directly.

Only nominated students will be accepted. And once the student's application has been processed and approved by SWUFE, we will send out an official Letter of Acceptance and JW202 Form, which are necessary for student's Chinese visa application.


 Application Form for Exchange Programme-for Chinese Passport Holders.docx 

Online Application Guide for Exchange Programme .pdf 

Online Application Guide for Double Degree Programme .pdf